Written by Sabena Quan-Hin
on September 04, 2018

As a Canadian crypto organization that works closely with small business owners, we recognize that being a startup founder comes with many challenges. Securing funding and finding the right investor(s) should not be one of them; here are three ways Corl can benefit you or a founder you know:



Our easy application uses algorithms and advanced risk management practices to qualify candidates. As a result, you receive feedback on your application and can receive capital in as little as 2 weeks. That's a staggering contrast to the traditional 6-9 months it would take if you were to raise venture capital. The funding you receive from Corl is delivered in the fiat/cryptocurrency of your choice and can be adjusted to accommodate additional growth plans.

Raising venture capital is a full-time job that forces founders to neglect business operations for extended periods and most banks won’t loan to businesses with no hard assets. Corl’s revenue-sharing investments provide flexible capital for long-term growth without the restrictions associated with traditional debt financing or equity dilution; we call this, Capital-as-a-Service.

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One of Corl's main assets is our extensive network of service providers that can be used by startup founders to help propel their businesses to the next level. Under Corl, businesses can access a range of professional services at discounted rates. On top of easy access to services, startup founders can also take advantage of the support offered by our experienced advisory network. Corl has partnered with some of the top thought-leaders and experts in the world. Advisors were selected on the basis of their industry expertise in the following 8 domains: Blockchain, Capital Markets, Compliance, FinTech, Royalties, Startups, Treasury, and Venture Capital.



Data is important at every level of business. When used effectively, it can provide incredible insight into the future decisions that determine your growth. At Corl, we recognized that there is very little data available to founders right now. Upon application, businesses become part of Corl's ecosystem and are provided with data reporting and analytics to efficiently allocate resources and make decisions that will optimize revenue growth. With these insights, Corl can not only provide your business additional revenue, but also the means to create a competitive advantage. 

At Corl, we are committed to helping the businesses we invest in. By providing startup founders access to tools, services, and priceless connections, we're not just investing in you. We're investing in your success.



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