Baaba Hughes

19 Oct 2018
Awards | 2 min read

Corl Named Toronto's Best Tech Startup

Toronto is a hub for innovation. With the best accelerators, Innovatio...

24 Aug 2018
Partnerships Corl News | 1 min read

Corl and Loopring Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Liquidity is one the foremost benefits of securitizing assets so, natu...

15 Aug 2018
Revenue Sharing | 2 min read

Does Your Business Qualify for Funding?

After reaching $10,000+ Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) bootstrapped f...

08 Jun 2018
Partnerships Corl News | 1 min read

Corl Partners with Techstars

We're proud to announce a partnership with Techstars, an accelerator p...

04 Jun 2018
Revenue Sharing Corl News | 2 min read

Corl Launches a Revenue-Sharing Platform to Provide Non-Dilutive Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

After months of development by our Engineering Team, we are excited to...

11 May 2018
Roundtable Series | 2 min read

The Value of Crypto Network Effects & Valuations

There are thousands of theories regarding which crypto will become the...

02 May 2018
Roundtable Series | 2 min read

The Future of Security Tokens and ICOs (ft. Polymath and StartEngine)

With the inception of Security Tokens, the speculation surrounding reg...

30 Apr 2018
Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl and Quoine Link for Exchange Services

With offices in Asia and customers around the world, this exclusive ex...

22 Mar 2018
Corl Token | 1 min read

2018 CORL Token Sale Update

When we decided to launch the world’s first revenue-sharing token, we ...