Ben Ames

04 Jul 2018
Corl News | 1 min read

Ethan Wilding, Founding Ethereum Team Member, Joins Advisory Board

Globally recognized for his role as a founding member of Ethereum, Co-...

05 Jun 2018
Corl News | 1 min read

Lisa Koverko, VP and Senior Counsel at BMO Financial Group, Joins Advisory Board

Corl welcomes Lisa Koverko to the advisory board as Corl’s Legal Advis...

31 May 2018
Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl Connects with 500 Startups

Alternative Growth Capital provider shares vision with one of the worl...

23 Apr 2018

Corl welcomes VP of Technology at IOU Financial, Robert Bialek as Head of Engineering

Robert has 15+ years in software development, application architecture...