Written by Sabena Quan-Hin
on September 18, 2018

At the core of Corl's brand is our mandate to build an ecosystem of diverse, thriving businesses. Our unconventional revenue-sharing model provides the type of funding necessary to accomplish this goal but we recognize that supporting businesses requires more than fast, accessible capital. It also has to do with creating the right environment for these businesses to grow. 

Corl Cleans Up

Similar to coral reefs, Corl's mission is to create an ecosystem where businesses thrive. As an ode to our namesake, the Corl team decided to step out of our office and head to Woodbine Beach to clean up Toronto's shoreline and get rid of waste that impedes and kills wildlife. The event was open to everyone who supports a cleaner Toronto.

Corl Clean Up Crew

As a group of ten, the Corl team and a handful of volunteers were able to collect several trash bags full of litter found within Woodbine Park and on Woodbine Beach. On top of collecting trash, we were also able to educate park and beach goers along the way on what Corl was and why we were spending the day cleaning up Toronto's shoreline!

Corl Clean Up Crew

Overall, Corl's first #CorlCleansUp was a great success. We were lucky to have great weather and celebrate the end of summer with a day on the beach. Keep an eye out for when and where we host our next #CorlCleansUp!

Corl Clean Up Crew

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Feature Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash 

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