Written by Sabena Quan-Hin
on August 30, 2018

Blockchain-powered, revenue sharing startup, Corl is excited to announce our alignment with Blockchain Industry Group (BIG), an organization that promotes the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies through the active collaboration and promotion of their global blockchain community.


BIG aims to become the largest, most active and most influential Blockchain Industry Group in the world. Members of BIG will receive priceless benefits, including the ability to lead, connect, participate, understand, or monitor the disruptive and beneficial adoption of blockchain technology. They will have access discounts, events, education, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Corl is excited to be a part of the BIG network to be able to reach more businesses in blockchain and beyond, providing flexible growth capital to help scale. With Corl and BIG's shared vision and passion for blockchain technology, Corl hopes to actively engage with their community while using their platform to further our global reach to its 3.8 million social media members.

Blockchain is about providing trust between collaborative powers. Corl and Blockchain Industry Group share similar vision and are stronger together. We look forward to the future.

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