Written by Matt Ward
on May 29, 2018

Innovative Fundraising Disruptor Links Up with #1 University Incubator in the World

As the world’s first revenue sharing token designed to support and participate in the growth of emerging SaaS and tech companies, we're proud to announce a collaboration with The DMZ, a world renowned business accelerator based in Toronto, Canada. Linked to Ryerson University, the accelerator is open to students and non-students and provides access to alternative funding sources

Since 2010, the DMZ has helped 334 startups raise over $409 million and foster more than 3,217 jobs. With this collaboration, Corl can provide a new and improved source of growth capital to leading companies going through the program.

“We’re really honoured to work with an industry leader like DMZ to promote entrepreneurship and tech innovation throughout Canada and plan to collaborate with many more leading accelerators and incubators to shake up the finance sector worldwide.”
- Sam Kawtharani, co-founder & CEO, Corl Financial Technologies.

The DMZ helps startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, industry experts and a community of entrepreneurs. This environment allows founders to focus on scaling their business and Corl’s non-dilutive growth capital will play a huge role in accelerating this process.

The DMZ has ~70 companies which are collectively focused on fostering an environment of competition and innovation in Canada and internationally. We're excited to be working in tandem to promote small business growth and help more founders find success without being subjected to equity dilution and board control restraints. To learn more about this collaboration and future plans, join us on Telegram.


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