Written by Baaba Hughes
on June 04, 2018

After months of development by our Engineering Team, we are excited to announce that Corl’s Beta Platform is live! Community members can apply for funding via the Application Page on Corl’s new website.

At Corl, we are committed to accelerating growth in the global startup ecosystem. With quick load times and opening access to a range of service providers, our Beta Platform embodies our mission statement and is equipped to accommodate our global community. The funding application consists of five steps and our Instant Review prequalifies candidates for up to $1M in growth capital.

“The CORL token is revolutionizing how businesses raise funding” said Sam Kawtharani, Corl co-founder and CEO. “With our new Beta Platform, entrepreneurs can easily apply for funding from over 100 countries in as little as 5 minutes. With an Instant Review, candidates can get pre-approved in minutes. Once we gain regulatory approval, candidates will receive funds direct to their business bank account or e-wallet in as little as two weeks."
With a trillion dollar deficit in small business funding and only 1% of startups qualifying for funding, Corl's Revenue-Sharing Platform serves as a new, more viable source of non-dilutive growth capital that could dethrone banks and VCs as the preferred form of funding. 
"Founders are looking for an easier way to generate funding quickly and efficiently that doesn't cost them their homes, equity or board seats. They want to own and grow their business on their own terms and that flexibility is exactly what we provide.”

Along with the Board of Advisors, Corl's management team bring decades of experience in Investments, FinTech, Business Development, Marketing and Legal. With this knowledge, Corl aims to help founders every step of the way and become a long-term business partner. We extend funding to businesses when they need it and ensure the funding provided helps founders take their businesses to the next level. Corl's revenue-sharing investments provide flexible capital to sustain long-term growth. 

“Corl’s Beta Platform sets the standard for quick, stress-free fundraising for Startups and Small Business Enterprises. This is more than an improvement to traditional finance’s funding system, it is an industry milestone that opens up a world of possibilities.” 

With the launch of our Beta Platform and recent alliances with tech accelerator hubs like 500 Startups and The DMZ, we would like to introduce a third, vital role in the Corl Community: business referrers. Along with Investors and Founders, referrers will play a key role in increasing our startup database. If you know a business who fits our funding criteria, send them to our Application Page to make the connection; if you know of 10+ businesses, contact us directly via our Help Page.

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