Written by Sabena Quan-Hin
on October 08, 2018

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Holt Accelerator, an organization that provides FinTech startups access to resources, networks, and funding.

The Holt Accelerator provides FinTech startups with the opportunity to receive hands-on help from a network of committed financial institutions, training sessions, world-class mentors, financial investments, partners, venture capital firms, and complete immersion in the FinTech environment. The Holt FinTech Accelerator program is designed to propel startups and help them reach their full potential. In addition, the program is the only accelerator offering one of Canada's largest applied AI solution providers, Stradigi AI.

A 5th generation family business, the Holt Accelerator's legacy and commitment to excellence advances Corl's position in Canada and is a testament to our long-term vision. This partnership furthers our efforts to stimulate growth at startups in the FinTech sector and beyond, as well as our plans to introduce cutting-edge startups into Corl's ecosystem.

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