Written by Baaba Hughes
on April 30, 2018

With offices in Asia and customers around the world, this exclusive exchange relationship allows Corl to benefit from international liquidity and enhanced exchange services.

Quoine is an exchange platform that allows users to trade fiat and cryptocurrencies. Beyond operations, our interests align in security; Quoine‘s commitment to regulatory compliance is also helping to cultivate the regulatory landscape.

We believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will shape the future of financial services. We are a FinTech company at heart, focused on making financial services accessible to all - from

In creating the CORL token, one key investor benefit is the ability to participate in the success of a diverse range of early-stage companies. As these companies grow and return funds to Corl, tokenholders will receive dividends in the form of Ether (ETH). Our exclusive exchange relationship with Quoine provides the means to expedite this process and remit dividends to tokenholders on a perpetual basis.

After we gain regulatory approval and launch our Security Token Offering (STO), Quoine will be facilitating the conversion process, enabling Corl to convert ETH to fiat for investments, and converting fiat back to crypto for dividends. Converted crypto will be sent to the Corl Smart Contract and auto-distributed to tokenholders. Quoine's trading platform allows Corl to perform high-volume trades from an advanced cross-currency trading platform. Converting across fiat and cryptocurrencies, Quoine is a one-stop shop that offers no-fee trading on base currencies.

This new relationship sees us further our mission of making financing and investing in companies more intuitive. As we work towards becoming the world’s first securities token, Quoine's cutting edge platform places us in position to align entrepreneur and investor incentives even more efficiently. If you have questions about this exclusive exchange relationship or Corl, join us on telegram.

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