Written by Corl
on April 19, 2018

Matt has 5+ years in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and business development with 3 successful exits of e-commerce and marketing companies, including the #1 crowdfunding podcast, Art of the Kickstart.

Corl is happy to announce the appointment of Matt Ward as Chief Growth Officer, effective immediately. Matt will report directly to Sam Kawtharani, Corl’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“I am excited to welcome Matt on board the management team.” said Sam. “Combined with his years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Matt’s partnerships and connections through The Syndicate will be an asset that will help Corl reach its growth plans in the future.”

As CGO, Matt will be responsible for expanding Corl’s partnerships, social media following, investor database and company recruitment. Matt currently runs The Syndicate, an investment group focused on early stage tech startups, and is Host of The Syndicate podcast. His dedication to advising and investing is what attracted him to Corl:

“Today, businesses have 2 choices: give up equity or sacrifice growth. The funding landscape is broken and fails to serve the 99% of businesses that are not venture scale opportunities. As an angel investor, I’ve had to pass on solid businesses because the homerun potential just wasn’t there.”

“I’ve joined Corl because I believe startups and small businesses are the future and that there is nothing more impactful than allowing innovators to innovate and build. At Corl we are doing just that, helping previously “unfundable” companies build something great - providing founder-friendly, non-dilutive growth capital without the BS loan terms. I bootstrapped my businesses and built my future and I believe every founder deserves that opportunity - cash without compromise - the future of startup capital.”

In addition to The Syndicate, Matt is a frequent contributor to top technology publications such as Hackernoon, Mattermark and Venture Beat. He also recently released his book, Gods of the Valley, a well researched guide to the future of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

We’re looking forward to working with Matt to create the future for startups and small businesses.


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