Written by Brett Wilson
on July 24, 2018



Paul Mears is the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Modexthe Smart Contract Marketplace. With over 30 years of experience than spans countries and industries including telecoms, software, construction and hedge funds, Mr. Mears brings expertise in finance, business and blockchainMr. Mears started his career at Ernst and Young's HQ in London, England and has since advised numerous successful blockchain startups including Humaniq and VARcrypt.

Mr. Mears' international experience dates back to 1999 and includes stints in New York, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Monaco. Over the last 5 years, Mr. Mears has been an active angel investor in early-stage Tech, Apps, Medical Devices and is passionate about Stem Cell Biotech. 

An active participant in blockchain and cryptocurrency, Mr. Mears is actively involved in the digital footprint and marketing of Modex and is also the co-founder of the music app Solid Art which ensures creative artists are compensated for their work. A believer in the ability of blockchain to work symbiotically with tech, Mr. Mears' passion and the underlying purpose of many of his endeavours hold common ground with Corl. 

We are happy to welcome Paul Mears to our Advisory Board. His knowledge of business and finance adds additional expertise to Corl and will be valuable as we create history in the blockchain spaceFor questions and comments, join us on Telegram. Join us on Telegram

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