Written by Ben Ames
on July 04, 2018

Globally recognized for his role as a founding member of Ethereum, Co-Founder of L4 Inc. and Ledger Labs, Corl is proud to welcome Ethan Wilding to our Advisory Board.


Mr. Wilding brings to Corl a wealth of experience in blockchain strategy, governance and finance. His experience with L4 Inc. and Ledger Labs will be invaluable to Corl and the world’s first revenue-sharing token.

“The addition of Ethan to our advisory board has it’s marketable value, but I’m more excited to see how he can shape our goals of governance and finance.” said Sam Kawtharani, CEO of Corl Financial Technologies. “Anytime you include someone like Ethan in the conversation, you come away with a clearer understanding of the direction of the industry.”

Mr. Wilding's involvement in the creation of the Ethereum helps Corl develop new strategic models and will be an asset as we bring CORL, the world's first regulatory compliant ERC-20 Security Token, to market. Navigating the difficult path toward Securities regulation requires insight and forward thinking, something Corl has found in Mr. Wilding.

Corl is excited about our future and the inclusion of Mr. Wilding. It is difficult to break new ground and create historic change. You must consult from those who've done it before you. For more information on what we're up to, join us on Telegram.

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