11 May 2018
Roundtable Series | 2 min read

[REPLAY] Value of Crypto Network Effects & Valuations

There are thousands of theories regarding which crypto will become the...

02 May 2018
Roundtable Series | 1 min read

[REPLAY] The Future of Security Tokens and ICOs featuring Polymath and StartEngine

With the inception of Security Tokens, the speculation surrounding reg...

30 Apr 2018
Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl and Quoine Link for Exchange Services

With offices in Asia and customers around the world, this exclusive ex...

23 Apr 2018
News |

Corl welcomes VP of Technology at IOU Financial, Robert Bialek as Head of Engineering

Robert has 15+ years in software development, application architecture...

19 Apr 2018
News Fundraising | 1 min read

Corl Welcomes Founder and Managing Partner of The Syndicate, Matt Ward as Chief Growth Officer

Matt has 5+ years in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and business d...

By Corl
22 Mar 2018
Token Sale | 1 min read

2018 CORL Token Sale Update

When we decided to launch the world’s first revenue-sharing token, we ...

08 Mar 2018
Events | 1 min read

Our Experience at POLYCON

Last week, our co-founders had the pleasure of attending POLYCON and s...

By Corl
02 Mar 2018
Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl Joins Canadian Lenders Association as Premium Member

Canadian Blockchain Leader Links Up with Established Lending Platform ...

By Corl
27 Feb 2018
Events | 2 min read

Corl Events March 2018


By Corl
16 Feb 2018
Token Sale | 1 min read

Token Release Update: Why We're Increasing The Number of Corl Tokens

Earlier this month we attended Singapore's Blockchain Economic Forum 2...

By Corl
05 Feb 2018
Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl Partners with Bounty0x on Bounty Campaign

Revenue-sharing and Freelancer Payment Platforms Join Forces To Pay Fr...

By Corl
01 Feb 2018
News | 1 min read

Ex-CEO of Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp William Tharp Joins Corl's Advisory Board

Brings Two Decades of Investment and Banking Experience with Track Rec...

By Corl
29 Jan 2018
Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl Partners with Blocksale to Lead Token Presale

Leading Pre-ICO Investment Player Powers Venture Capital Growth on Blo...

18 Jan 2018

Corl Partners with MLG Blockchain to Develop Global Community

We are happy to announce that Corl has partnered with MLG Blockchain, ...

08 Jan 2018
News | 1 min read

Safwan Zaheer, KPMG’s FinTech Leader, joins Corl’s Advisory Board

Safwan Zaheer, Director of Digital Financial Services and Head of FinT...

03 Jan 2018
Token Sale | 1 min read

Introducing Corl: Revenue-Sharing on the Blockchain

Investing in early-stage companies is becoming more popular than ever;...

21 Dec 2017
Partnerships News | 1 min read

Corl Partners with Polymath to Bring Revenue-Sharing to the Blockchain

The crypto market cap is quickly approaching the 1 trillion-dollar mar...

13 Dec 2017
Metrics | 1 min read

How to calculate your customer churn rate for your SaaS business

As a SaaS startup, assessing the health of your business involves trac...

06 Dec 2017
How To | 4 min read

How and why we rebranded our company from scratch in 5 weeks

A good rebrand can help you shake off an old reputation, get you out o...

20 Nov 2017
Featured | 2 min read

On the Value of Securities Tokens

While the volume and flow of capital into the space is news to revel a...