06 Sep 2017
Fundraising | 2 min read

Business Funding Part 2 - The Different Sources of Capital

Part two of our series 'Business Funding' is dedicated to the differen...

By Corl
28 Aug 2017
Fundraising | 3 min read

Business Funding Part 1 – The Basics of Raising Capital

The fundraising process can be an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare! Afte...

By Corl
17 Aug 2017
How To | 1 min read

Founder Compensation: How much should you pay yourself?

If you ask anyone in the startup scene, founders can make or break a n...

01 Aug 2017
Revenue Sharing | 1 min read

Startup crowdfunding is the new black: Equity vs Revenue Share

With the rise of the sharing economy and crowdfunding platforms like L...

By Corl
19 Jul 2017
Fundraising | 2 min read

5 reasons to choose debt over equity financing

When it comes to securing growth capital for their early-stage company...

27 Jun 2017
News | 1 min read

Founder's Corner: Meet Derek Manuge

This month, our co-founder Derek Manuge takes the spotlight and answer...

19 Jun 2017
How To | 3 min read

4 Crucial Service Providers for Early-Stage Startups

As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on raising funds and coming up with...

09 Jun 2017
News | 1 min read

Ex-KPMG Financial Risk Manager Joins Corl as Credit & Investment Officer

Derek Manuge joins Corl as Co-Founder and Credit & Investment Officer ...

08 Jun 2017

The 5 top issues investors see in startup financials

As an early-stage startup entrepreneur, you’re most probably running y...

30 May 2017
Fundraising | 1 min read

What we look for in tech companies?

Recently, I wrote about why banks don’t understand SaaS companies, so ...

25 May 2017
Fundraising | 2 min read

Why banks don’t get SaaS companies?

In the past, companies transformed raw material into products or inven...

16 May 2017

How to setup your startup accounting function?

When starting a company, you might decide to worry about a lot of oper...

09 May 2017

What are chart of accounts (and how to track your income & expenses)?

If your startup has launched and started generating revenue, chances a...

27 Mar 2017
Featured | 4 min read

Disruptive Finnovation

In this article, we take a small business lens and look at three high-...

By Corl
28 Feb 2017
Featured | 1 min read

CaaS in the Wild

Capital-as-a-Service is brilliant. CaaS is the delivery of capital as ...

By Corl
11 Jan 2017

Meet Seedlify: Revenue Based Financing for Tech Startups

We’re making entrepreneurship more accessible, reshaping the way tech ...

19 Dec 2016

Key Questions to Ask Before Applying for a Business Loan

You are a startup or a young business and you are gaining traction in ...

07 Dec 2016
How To | 2 min read

5 Tips to Manage Your Startup’s Cash Flow

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that new entrepreneurs face is ...

07 Dec 2016
Revenue Sharing | 2 min read

Legal 101 for Revenue Based Financing

If you have read our recent posts about revenue based financing, you m...

07 Dec 2016
How To |

How Long is Your Startup Runway?

One of the jargon you will often hear as an entrepreneur is runway. In...