Business Funding Part 3 - Pitching to Investors

How can you spark investor interest? What type of investors should you consider and how do you close? Every entrepreneur has searched for answers...

13 Sep

Business Funding Part 2 - The Different Sources of Capital

Part two of our series 'Business Funding' is dedicated to the different sources of capital. Why is that? It will help you understand your options...

6 Sep

Business Funding Part 1 – The Basics of Raising Capital

The fundraising process can be an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare! After our series of 5 articles that dive deep into the ins and outs of startup...

28 Aug
How To

Founder Compensation: How much should you pay yourself?

If you ask anyone in the startup scene, founders can make or break a new venture. The founding team is the cornerstone of any startup, and their...

17 Aug
Revenue Sharing

Startup crowdfunding is the new black: Equity vs Revenue Share

With the rise of the sharing economy and crowdfunding platforms like LendingClub, Prosper, Canada's Lending Loop and Front Fundr, online...

1 Aug

5 reasons to choose debt over equity financing

When it comes to securing growth capital for their early-stage company, entrepreneurs rarely consider debt financing. Venture capital has always...

19 Jul
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