Written by Baaba Hughes
on May 02, 2018

With the inception of Security Tokens, the speculation surrounding regulation, law and how to class existing as well as emerging utilities is increasing. As internet searches for 'Security Token' grows, we've seen a corresponding rise in related queries from the Corl community. In response to this, Corl's CGO Matt Ward is hosting a Rountable Series where big players in the crypto space can come to impart knowledge and answer questions. 

Yesterday, Matt Ward was joined by Sam Kawtharani, Corl's co-founder and the Previous Head of Product at IOU FinancialHoward Marks, the Founder of Activision, Acclaim Games and most recently StartEngine and Graeme Moore, the VP Marketing at Polymath. This panel brings unrivalled expertise in the Jobs Act, Crowdfunding and bringing a Security Token Launch Platform to market.

With over two decades of cryptocurrency knowledge combined, the one hour panel was filled with key points regarding security, safety and how Security Tokens fit into the future of crypto:

" far the government has caught everyone they wanted to catch"

- Graeme Moore regarding regulation and anonymity


"How many tokens should we issue as the blockchain grows?"

- Howard Marks details why the two token approach is a better alternative


"The value of tokens should be driven by how well the company is performing"

-   weighs in on token pricing metrics

If you want to better understand STOs, ICOs and our Roundtable quotes, watch the full replay now: 




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Feature Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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