Accounting & Bookkeeping

How to record revenue for your SaaS company

As an entrepreneur launching a SaaS business, you will be faced with endless decisions. One of them is choosing how to do your accounting. There...

11 Oct
Accounting & Bookkeeping

The 5 top issues investors see in startup financials

As an early-stage startup entrepreneur, you’re most probably running your business fast, lean on cash, and postponing certain aspects for a later...

8 Jun
Accounting & Bookkeeping

How to setup your startup accounting function?

When starting a company, you might decide to worry about a lot of operational aspects later, but it is never early to set up a simple accounting...

16 May
Accounting & Bookkeeping

What are chart of accounts (and how to track your income & expenses)?

If your startup has launched and started generating revenue, chances are you’re using an accounting system – I hope so. Regardless of which...

9 May
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Key Questions to Ask Before Applying for a Business Loan

You are a startup or a young business and you are gaining traction in the market. You decide to apply for a business loan to take advantage of...

19 Dec
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Say What? Cash Is Not King?!

So what’s up with this? Is it just man bites dog, good writing because it’s surprising, reversing standard wisdom? Or is there any useful point to...

11 Nov
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