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[REPLAY] Value of Crypto Network Effects & Valuations

There are thousands of theories regarding which crypto will become the dominant digital currency. But will there be a single winner? With the rise...

11 May
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Corl welcomes VP of Technology at IOU Financial, Robert Bialek as Head of Engineering

Robert has 15+ years in software development, application architecture and technical leadership. He specializes in managing software development...

23 Apr
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Corl Events March 2018


27 Feb

On the Value of Securities Tokens

While the volume and flow of capital into the space is news to revel about, one of the underlying challenges from an investor's perspective is...

20 Nov

Top 10 Reasons Why Corl is Using Blockchain

“Why blockchain?” is a question often posed by engrossed bystanders, midway through a discussion about Corl’s vision and business model. After...

6 Oct

Disruptive Finnovation

In this article, we take a small business lens and look at three high-level pain points in the banking world and some very ambitious companies...

27 Mar
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