04 Oct 2018

Corl Partners with Dispatch Labs

C orl is proud to announce a partnership with Dispatch Labs, a revolut...

04 Jun 2018

Corl Launches a Revenue-Sharing Platform to Provide Non-Dilutive Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

After months of development by our Engineering Team, we are excited to...

15 May 2018
Revenue Sharing | 1 min read

Corl Funding: Does Your Business Qualify?

After reaching $10,000+ Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) bootstrapped f...

02 Nov 2017
Revenue Sharing | 1 min read

Is Revenue Sharing next on the sharing economy agenda?

The 2008 financial crisis forced a lot of people to become more creati...

01 Aug 2017
Revenue Sharing | 1 min read

Startup crowdfunding is the new black: Equity vs Revenue Share

With the rise of the sharing economy and crowdfunding platforms like L...

By Corl
11 Jan 2017

Meet Seedlify: Revenue Based Financing for Tech Startups

We’re making entrepreneurship more accessible, reshaping the way tech ...

07 Dec 2016
Revenue Sharing | 2 min read

Legal 101 for Revenue Based Financing

If you have read our recent posts about revenue based financing, you m...

20 Oct 2016
Revenue Sharing | 3 min read

Revenue Based Financing? What the hell is that?!

If you had mentioned to me Revenue Based Financing or anything that ha...