Revenue Sharing

Is Revenue Sharing next on the sharing economy agenda?

The 2008 financial crisis forced a lot of people to become more creative in order to make ends meet. The people showed incredible resilience and...

2 Nov
Revenue Sharing

Startup crowdfunding is the new black: Equity vs Revenue Share

With the rise of the sharing economy and crowdfunding platforms like LendingClub, Prosper, Canada's Lending Loop and Front Fundr, online...

1 Aug
Revenue Sharing

Meet Seedlify: Revenue Based Financing for Tech Startups

We’re making entrepreneurship more accessible, reshaping the way tech startups access growth capital. Our Revenue Based Financing combines the...

11 Jan
Revenue Sharing

Legal 101 for Revenue Based Financing

If you have read our recent posts about revenue based financing, you might be wondering, from a legal perspective, how is it different from a...

7 Dec
Revenue Sharing

Revenue Based Financing? What the hell is that?!

If you had mentioned to me Revenue Based Financing or anything that has to do with the FinTech industry 7 years ago, I would have had the same...

20 Oct
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