10 Dec 2018
How To Startups Fundraising | 3 min read

How to Calculate Your Startup Runway

Calculating the ideal runway length is crucial to ensure all planes ar...

06 Dec 2018

What is Capital-as-a-Service?

Capital-as-a-Service is brilliant. CaaS is the delivery of capital as ...

By Corl
20 Nov 2018
Startups Fundraising | 2 min read

Entrepreneurs: Consider Non-Dilutive Funding

One of the biggest tasks for any entrepreneur is securing funding. Wit...

29 Oct 2018
Startups | 3 min read

The Anatomy of a Fundable Startup

Our team is made up of founders and investors, so when the topic of 'f...

16 Oct 2018
Startups | 2 min read

The Startup Closing the $100 Billion Early-Growth Capital Gap

Some of the most highly valued companies in the world are startups.  U...

08 Oct 2018
Startups Partnerships | 1 min read

Corl Partners with Holt Accelerator

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Holt Accelerator, an...

02 Oct 2018
Startups | 2 min read

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Revenue Sharing

The concept of revenue sharing is comparable to a royalty agreement. I...

13 Sep 2018
Startups | 1 min read

If a Startup Fails, How Does Corl Fare?

With operating costs at an all-time low, easy access to global markets...

04 Sep 2018

3 Ways Startups Can Benefit From Corl's Funding Platform

As a Canadian crypto organization that works closely with small busine...

02 Nov 2017

Is Revenue Sharing Next on the Sharing Economy Agenda?

The 2008 financial crisis forced a lot of people to become more creati...

11 Oct 2017
Accounting Startups How To | 2 min read

How to Record Revenue for Your SaaS Company

As an entrepreneur launching a SaaS business, you will be faced with e...

By Corl
01 Aug 2017

Startup Crowdfunding is the New Black

With the rise of the sharing economy and crowdfunding platforms like L...

By Corl
25 May 2017
Fundraising Startups | 2 min read

Why Banks Don’t Get SaaS Companies?

In the past, companies transformed raw material into products or inven...

16 May 2017
Accounting Startups How To | 3 min read

How to Set Up Your Startup Accounting Function

When starting a company, you might decide to worry about a lot of oper...

09 May 2017
Accounting Startups How To | 2 min read

What is a Chart of Accounts?

If your startup has launched and started generating revenue, chances a...

20 Oct 2016

Revenue-Based Financing and Why You Want It

If you're an entrepreneur who has been tinkering with the idea of gett...