Written by Baaba Hughes
on March 22, 2018

When we decided to launch the world’s first revenue-sharing token, we knew two things: i) we had our work cut out for us and ii) we were going to do things the right way.

Our ultimate objective throughout this entire journey has been to make CORL a 100% regulated token. In doing so, we position ourselves as a key player in the financial ecosystem for Canadian as well as global economic growth and become a sought after entity in the crypto space. To accomplish our goals, we need feedback from regulators, lawyers and our fans. To date, we have unveiled our innovative revenue-sharing platform to every jurisdiction we operate within and received infallible guidance from local and global regulators. Based on the information acquired, we have decided to extend our launch timeline. We must heed intelligent counsel and let it influence and improve our ambition as we drive forward on product development.

The CORL Token Airdrop and Bounty will be honoured per our extended timelines.

At Corl, we’re not looking to simply launch an ITO. In building one of the first Securities Tokens, we recognize that our actions, decisions and insights have the power to influence an entire movement and shape regulated innovation in the blockchain industry. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey and ask for your continued support as we innovate the future of funding for SaaS and tech emerging companies.

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